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7 Jan

Hey guys! I’m moving my page back to Blogger…. and I hope to post more frequently! Please come >>>> HERE <<<<< and follow me!


A Little Guide to Grocery Shopping

17 Dec

I hope you all had a great weekend… I was off Thursday and Friday, and  spent my long weekend celebrating my man’s birthday! We saw The Hobbit in 3d/Imax (amazingggggg, you must go watch!) and then watched Alice in Wonderland and Avatar at home with our 3d tv (such an amazing buy!) We also ate way too many delicious foods and got to see all of our best friends… so life is good 🙂

I got a comment over the weekend about what kind of foods I keep in our pantry and how I keep things fresh for when I need them…. so I thought it would be fun today to talk about what I always keep around our house – things that make meals quick and easy. And obviously, budget friendly.


grocery list

1. Breadcrumbs

I use breadcrumbs allllll the time! Seriously. They pretty much never go bad, and they can spice up an otherwise boring chicken or shrimp dish in a flash. I like to soak my meat (thawed) of choice in one of the following: butter/garlic, salad dressing (bacon ranch is a favorite), mayonaise, or a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of mayo and spicy mustard. Then you simply dip in breadcrumbs and bake! (MAKE your own)

2. Fresh Veggies

We always have veggies as a side or mixed up in a stir fry. I like to spend a little extra on the pre-cut ones you can find in the organic section because I keep them frozen and the packaging is perfect for that. I also buy a ton of the frozen bags, because they’re cheap and they’re an easy side dish. We eat a lot of frozen broccoli, and all I do is put 2 servings in a microwavable dish and top with butter and seasonings (like pepper, garlic powder, perfect pinch). I can’t tell the difference to be honest!

3. Frozen Shrimp

This one kind of goes with #6, but I always keep frozen shrimp (and frozen ground turkey) in our freezer for nights that we need a break from chicken. We only eat shrimp maybe one night a month, but the bags usually have zippers on them and they stay fresh for a long time. It’s nice to have things in the freezer that you can keep as options on a whim – so I always pick up a bag, even if shrimp isn’t on the menu for a while.

4. Cheese/Milk

Cheese. We always have cheese in our house. And milk. Need I say more?

5. Eggs

Eggs are a good thing to have. They’re great for breakfast or an addition to a stir fry, and most recipes call for them. So they’re nice to have on hand. Also, if you ever get a craving for something sweet, eggs and sugar are staples and you can usually whip something up with those ingredients and not much else!

6. Chicken

We eat chicken almost every week night for dinner. I always buy a frozen bag whenever I’m at the grocery, because we go through it so quickly. Ways to spice it up: bread it, bake it, boil and shred it (hello chicken salad!), or put it in your crock pot along with salsa and taco seasoning for the best tacos you’ll ever taste!

7. Rice/Pasta

Rice, but I’m also going to add pasta. We usually buy the 10 for $10 specials when it comes to these two things, because they never go bad and they make really easy meals. I use pasta for stir fry, casserols, or just plain with sauce. Rice is another stir fry alternative, and it’s a really filling side.

So as far as our pantry goes, these are 7 things that you will ALWAYS find in our house! Almost everything is either a non-perishable or kept frozen, so nothing ever goes to waste (wasting food is a huge pet peeve of mine). If you have questions about what you can freeze or how long things stay fresh in the freezer, HERE is a really good resource. Also, in the winter months, I make a lot of soups in our crock pot and freeze them in single portion containers. It really helps to save money, and it’s nice to keep options around!

What are some of your staples? Do you like to freeze foods, or do you tend to prefer buying your foods fresh? How do you save money at the grocery?

My First Blog Award!

24 Oct

I was so excited when I checked my blog this morning and saw that I’ve been nominated for my very first award! Thank you so much P&F for nominating me. . .

The Rules: When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. You pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions. You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!

Also, make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers!

So, here goes. . .

11 Facts About Me:

[01] I am 26 years old

[02] I have travelled to: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Cozumel, Canada

[03] I have always lived in Virginia, but I’m moving to Washington State in August 😉

[04] I really love reading, writing, painting, and exploring

[05] My favorite movie of all time is The End of the Affair (the book is amazing, too)

[06] My favorite book of all time is God Shaped Hole (The Great Gatsby & Catcher in the Rye are close seconds)

[07] Michael Jackson died on my birthday… so sad 😦

[08] Right now I don’t own a car, and I really love not having to pay for gas or insurance

[09] I got my motorcycle license in August, and I really really want my own bike

[10] I have a ton of tattoos: a Space/Halloween-themed sleve, a mermaid, the HRC symbol, the Alpha & omega symbol, the lyrics to “Imagine”, the tree from The Giving Tree, a henna inspired flower, and a really embarrasing tramp stamp (freshman year of college… so typical)

[11] I wear cardigans 90% of the time, year round

11 Answers:

[01] Why did you start this blog?  I originally started a lifestyle blog 3 years ago, but decided to start over with this one because I wanted the focus to be more on things I am creating. I want to eventually support myself through a furniture buisness, and I thought this would be a good way to display some of my work.

[02] What is your best quality? I think my best quality is that I am extremely loyal. I only let a close few in, but those people I can honestly say I would do anything for.

[03] Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully in Washington State or somewhere on the West Coast running my own buisness. I really hope by that time I’ll be a mother and homeschooling my kids, too.

[04] What makes you laugh? Thinking about when me and my boyfriend went camping together, and he read one of his comics to me and did each of the voices differently! Also, anytime I think about the ridiculous things me and some of my friends did in college, I can’t help but laugh!

[05] If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? I have no idea. Probably my dog, Pete, because he’s pretty spoiled and I would love to sleep all day rather than go to work!

[06] If you had to write about something completely different in your blog, what would it be? Probably Movie Reviews, because I love movies and I’m always watching them.

[07] How would you describe your everyday style? Haha… some people would say “Grandma-Chic” because I’m always wearing cardigans… probably a mix of bohemian and classic.

[08] What is your favorite meal? Pizza. No doubt. Orrrr Sushi.

[09]  Sweet or Salty? Salty… I really love chips and french fries. Ha!

[10] Would you free hug on the street? Sure?

[11] Do you collect anything? Empty wine bottles.

11 Questions:

[01] What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

[02] What 3 things could you never leave your home without?

[03] How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

[04] What is your biggest pet peeve?

[05] If you could pick any super power, what would you choose?

[06] Describe yourself in 3 words.

[07] What quality in yourself do you hope others see in you?

[08] Would you rather live at the beach or in the mountains?

[09] If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

[10] Would you rather go camping or sleep in a hotel?

[11] Do you like taking risks or playing it safe?

11 Blogs:

When Smoke Clears, Sweet Little Thang, Homemade Delish, Homemade With Mess, Illustrated Bites, Hummus & Yoga, Suzy Krause and the Skyscrapers, The Weekend Island, Simply Sarah, Anticipation, A Blessed Unrest

Good Luck!!

Workout Diaries: VIII

18 Oct



So… hello blog world, I have been m.i.a. for two weeks now with this series and confession time: I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday. Whoopsy.

Some of this time I was legitimately sick, and the thought of doing the ‘crunch & punch’ repeatedly was enough to make me want to puke. Figuratively and literally. But… this week I have been feeling more than healthy so I can’t really use that excuse any longer. And I’ve gained about 3 pounds, ouch.

What have I learned? The obvious: once you get used to not working out for several days, it gets so much easier to just stop working out completely. I’ve had a few days where I’ve come home and snuggled up under blankets on my couch, and so can you really blame me for wanting to hold on to those relaxing moments for just a little bit longer? (Don’t answer that)

I think my main problem is that the training program that I have been using does one thing that I absolutley cannot stand – the monitor does not pick up all of my reps, so even though I am doing the workouts better and improving…. you wouldn’t know it by looking at my score because 1/2 of my reps aren’t even counted. Also, it’s been getting dark earlier and my apartment doesn’t have a ton of light…. so I’d be in the middle of a push up and the screen would go blank because the monitor couldn’t even tell that I was still in the room. This might not sound like a huge deal to some – but when I’m working my ass off to beat my previous score, I want credit for it!!!!! God, I feel like such a gamer for actually admitting that.

Anyway. The point of this whole thing is to say that maybe that program was really, really good at getting me in the habit of working out on a daily basis. But what I think would be even better for me, would be a workout where I don’t have to worry about reps being miscounted, where I had a friend to help motivate me, and where I could work out during the day so that when I get home I don’t have to feel bad about relaxing for an hour before starting dinner.

So here is my new goal: I’ve found a work out partner, and we’re going to walk/jog (eventually run) every day on our lunch breaks. Cardio is really fun for me, and getting out of the office always makes me feel better, so hopefully this will stick. I’m also extremely lucky to have a gym where I work, so I’m going to use the weights in there a few times a week, too.

Working out is something that has to become fun, because let’s be honest… if it’s going to work it’s gotta turn into something that you do regularly for the rest of your life. I really haven’t had ‘fun’ doing the training program that I’ve been doing, so I want to switch it up. And I think it’s important to keep trying new things and incorporating new activities until you find something that you actually enjoy.

So that’s my goal for next week! Stay tuned and if anyone out there knows of workouts that are actually fun… hit me up! I need all of the suggestions I can get!

*Workout Diaries is a weekly post that will track and monitor the progress that I am making as I begin a regular exercise routine. Please feel free to follow along and post your success stories or struggles in the comments section!


A Little Break.

11 Oct

I’m taking a little break from blogging, but I’ll be back on Monday. If you miss me too much, check out THIS or THIS.

xx, kara

Friday Favorites <333

5 Oct

This week has flown by… I love when that happens! Are you ready for the weekend? I’m headed to a fall-themed party on Saturday, and I can’t wait to bring THIS amazing dip! I’m also going to a Drag Brunch that’s pretty popular here in Richmond, and mostly just looking forward to cooler temps and relaxing.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

I could stare at THIS all day:

THIS is nerdy and adorable:

THIS is both creepy & beautiful:

cardiac-art:“Heart Throb” by David Bowers

I really love THIS song: {total girl crush on Valerie Poxleitner btw}

How cute is THIS: {the whole website is pretty cool actually… click the link!}

mataring:i see the area code ahahah u suck at erasing

THESE 24 grooms seeing their brides for the first time = adorable!

THIS tumblr is awesome! So is THIS one!

What are you loving this week?

Friday Favorites <333

21 Sep

Happy Friday! I started a 30-Day Challenge on my UFC Personal Trainer (for Kinect) yesterday, and this morning I woke up barely able to move. That’s a good thing though, right?? I’ll give you an update on my progress in a week… but let’s just say last night was rough, and even though it’s just a video game I still want to work hard so my trainer isn’t yelling at me!!!

Anyway, here are some things I’ve been loving this week:

THIS is incredible:

Pinned Image

THIS cozy fall outfit:

Pinned Image

THIS pretty (and simple!) flower vase:

Pinned Image

I can’t get enough of THIS adorable wedding proposal (and I’m obsessed with the song):


THIS easy way to add glitter to your walls!

THESE 300 crock pot recipes!

THIS DIY Vanity!

THIS DIY a-frame tent!

What are you loving this week?