Crock Pot Veggie & Bean Soup

14 Nov

Did you know that it’s suuuuuper easy to make almost any kind of soup in your crock pot? One thing that I love about the cooler months is that meals in the crock pot are always incredibly delicious and incredibly easy. I really like to make a huge pot of soup and then divide it up into individual servings and freeze it – really great to bring to work, because it’s de-thawed and ready for the microwave by lunchtime! It’s also pretty cheap…

Crock Pot Veggie & Bean Soup

(today’s lunch! sorry for the poor quality!)

What You’ll Need:

  • Mixed veggies of any kind. For this particular batch, I used 2 potatoes (diced), 1 cup chopped carrots, 1 cup mushrooms, 1 cup peas, 1 cup onion (chopped), 1 cup corn, 1 cup peppers (chopped). Really, just use whatever you have on hand!
  • Beans of any kind… I had a random can of garbonzo beans that had been sitting in our cabinet for far too long, so I threw that in there.
  • Chicken broth, Chicken Boullion Cubes, or a mixture of both. Also, spices sich as salt and pepper, chili powder, etc.
  • Things to add that I didn’t: small shell noodles, lentils, cut up chicken or beef, whatever looks good!

What You’ll Do:

  1. Chop up all veggies and throw into your crock pot. Don’t fill it too full or it won’t be “soupy” enough… I usually fill mine about 1/3 of the way with veggies and beans.
  2. Add beans (and other things of your choosing)
  3. Add the broth. I use 1 cup water for every can of broth. If you don’t have broth, use the boullion cubes (I kind of prefer this or a mixture of the two). Just add 3 cubes per 1 cup water. Fill it up to the top…. for this particular batch I used 2 cups broth, 4 boullion cubes, and about 4 cups of water.
  4. Season with spices. I usually keep tasting and adding throughout the day… I keep it simple with salt, pepper, and chili powder but you can pretty much add whatever smells like it would be good! I honestly don’t measure spices I just toss them in…. I probably used around 1 tbs of each.
  5. Finally, turn your crock pot onto it’s lowest setting and let everything cook for about 5 hours! Enjoy!

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