Scary Movies.

13 Nov



This weekend lasted 3 whole days, and that extra day was very much needed! On Friday, me and my best friend had the great idea to watch Paranormal Activity 3 over dinner, and then see Paranormal Activity 4 in the theatre. Terrible decision, because I was so afraid that I slept with all the lights on in the apartment for two whole nights. Actually, I was checking over my shoulders during the day too. Yes, I am that girl.

Saturday I spent the evening with this girl and her adorable pup, and Sunday I cleaned up a little and had dinner with my boyfriends mom – which was a really nice surprise! We ate here and I got crispy noodles with squid, scallops, and shrimp. Really, really good if you’re ever in the area!

Yesterday was my favorite day though, because we spent the entire day on the couch. So lazy.. but honestly, everyone needs a day like that every once in a while! We’ve become obsessed with the original Munsters… remember that show?

I hope your weekend was just as relaxing and just as fun. I can’t even believe that next week is Thanksgiving… this month is moving quick! Get ready for a ton of yummy recipes, because when in comes to the holidays I tend to cook enough for a small army.

Side note, did you know that I like to write? I’ve set up a little side blog HERE that I’m dedicating to my writing… so feel free to check it out 😉


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