Workout Diaries: IV

8 Nov



Hello, hello. Let’s all just pretend to not notice that it’s been almost a month since I’ve done anything physical whatsoever. Also, did anyone notice that I chose to use VIII for Roman Numeral 3 on my last diary postwow. Instead, let’s focus on why I decided to go back to the gym this week, and why I’m more motivated to work out now than ever.

Two things I’ve learned about myself:

1. When I don’t work out, my skin isn’t as soft. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because I eat really poorly, but I’ve noticed that when I don’t work out my face starts to break out. I generally have really great skin and I’m very lucky, but yeah… I noticed that over the past few weeks my skin was starting to feel less smooth and I was even starting to get a pimple or two, which was instantly fixed the moment I went to the gym. Coincidence? Possibly, but if it gets me off my ass… I’m taking it.

2. I get really bloated when I don’t work out, and it’s not cute. This is probably because when I work out I drink substantially more water, and also because I eat a ton of salty foods (I could literally eat chips for every meal, and snacks, and dessert. Whoops.) Anyway, I also noticed a change with this when I started working out again. Not that I’ve lost a ton of weight in only a week…. but things aren’t as “puffy” if that makes sense?

So, I am back in the gym. I am very, very lucky to have a gym at my work… and I like working out during the day better than at night. I have been getting on the elliptical for 40 minutes and doing intervals, and hopefully I can stay motivated because I feel much better than I did the days I chose to eat chips and nap at my desk. Also, I walk home from work everyday because I don’t have a car… so that counts as an additional 30 minutes, right? Right.

Weightloss Goal & Pounds Lost To Date:

My goal is still to lose 40 lbs by March. So basically, I need to get it together and quickly because I’ve already wasted a month. Good news – I’ve lost 3 pounds this week! Bad news……………… these are 3 pounds that I gained over the last month. Whatever. 3 pounds is 3 pounds.

What’s Keeping Me Motivated:

I’ll be the first to tell you that working out sucks and it’s my absolute least favorite thing to do. I’d rather wash dishes, take a math test, or pull my toe nails out than go to a gym. (ok… maybe not that last one. gross.) But, I’m motivated to keep at it because I feel better when I work out, I drink more water, and I feel better about myself. Confidence is a big one for me, and I feel more confident when I’m healthy.

Favorite Workout This Week:

Well, does it count as a favorite if all I’m doing is getting on the elliptical? Eventually I want to incorporate weight training and even jogging outside, but for now this is where I’m at. And this week has been bearable.

Least Favorite Workout This Week:

Did I mention how much I hate working out?

Healthy Foods I’ve Tried:

Plain and simple, my diet sucks. I’ve eaten 2 snickers bars this week and if I could afford eating pizza every night, I would. But it’s a process and I’ve been brining my lunch this week, which does help me stay on track. Also, I made this really good dinner the other night which was pasta, chicken, onions, and spinach all mixed together. I need to find more recipes for foods like that!

Goals For The Upcoming Week:

I really want to improve my diet and to just stick with working out 5 days a week. This week wasn’t so bad and I’m sure next week won’t be either, but finding ways to continue working out is something that I need to do in order to see a change. The biggest thing I keep telling myself is that I didn’t gain all of my weight over night, and I’m not going to lose it overnight either. Puts things in to perspective, doesn’t it?

*Workout Diaries is a weekly post that will track and monitor the progress that I am making as I attempt to lose 40 pounds. Please feel free to follow along and post your success stories or struggles in the comments section!

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