Workout Diaries: VIII

18 Oct



So… hello blog world, I have been m.i.a. for two weeks now with this series and confession time: I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday. Whoopsy.

Some of this time I was legitimately sick, and the thought of doing the ‘crunch & punch’ repeatedly was enough to make me want to puke. Figuratively and literally. But… this week I have been feeling more than healthy so I can’t really use that excuse any longer. And I’ve gained about 3 pounds, ouch.

What have I learned? The obvious: once you get used to not working out for several days, it gets so much easier to just stop working out completely. I’ve had a few days where I’ve come home and snuggled up under blankets on my couch, and so can you really blame me for wanting to hold on to those relaxing moments for just a little bit longer? (Don’t answer that)

I think my main problem is that the training program that I have been using does one thing that I absolutley cannot stand – the monitor does not pick up all of my reps, so even though I am doing the workouts better and improving…. you wouldn’t know it by looking at my score because 1/2 of my reps aren’t even counted. Also, it’s been getting dark earlier and my apartment doesn’t have a ton of light…. so I’d be in the middle of a push up and the screen would go blank because the monitor couldn’t even tell that I was still in the room. This might not sound like a huge deal to some – but when I’m working my ass off to beat my previous score, I want credit for it!!!!! God, I feel like such a gamer for actually admitting that.

Anyway. The point of this whole thing is to say that maybe that program was really, really good at getting me in the habit of working out on a daily basis. But what I think would be even better for me, would be a workout where I don’t have to worry about reps being miscounted, where I had a friend to help motivate me, and where I could work out during the day so that when I get home I don’t have to feel bad about relaxing for an hour before starting dinner.

So here is my new goal: I’ve found a work out partner, and we’re going to walk/jog (eventually run) every day on our lunch breaks. Cardio is really fun for me, and getting out of the office always makes me feel better, so hopefully this will stick. I’m also extremely lucky to have a gym where I work, so I’m going to use the weights in there a few times a week, too.

Working out is something that has to become fun, because let’s be honest… if it’s going to work it’s gotta turn into something that you do regularly for the rest of your life. I really haven’t had ‘fun’ doing the training program that I’ve been doing, so I want to switch it up. And I think it’s important to keep trying new things and incorporating new activities until you find something that you actually enjoy.

So that’s my goal for next week! Stay tuned and if anyone out there knows of workouts that are actually fun… hit me up! I need all of the suggestions I can get!

*Workout Diaries is a weekly post that will track and monitor the progress that I am making as I begin a regular exercise routine. Please feel free to follow along and post your success stories or struggles in the comments section!



2 Responses to “Workout Diaries: VIII”

  1. Anne-Marie October 20, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    Hey Kara! I am totally of the opinion that working out has to be fun, and it’s taken me 40 years to find a workout that I love. I’ve done walking, surfing, yoga, swimming and while I enjoy them I’ve found them really hard to stick to. Now I’ve discovered hooping – hula hooping with a proper adult-sized hoop. Google hooping and you will find everything you need. My workouts now consist of an hour of hooping, several times a week, at the gym, along with some yoga and some work with resistance bands. I haven’t lost weight but I’ve dropped a dress size, so I think I’ve replaced fat with muscle. I am noticeably more toned, stronger and more energetic. You may not love hooping, but I definitely recommend finding a workout that you love. Good luck!

    • A Beautiful Nest October 22, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, Ann-Marie! I’ve heard a lot about hooping but I’ve never tried it myself… we have a few groups that do this around the city, so I may have to give it a try! 😉

      xx, kara

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