Living With A Boy.

21 Aug

There’s something about moving in with your significant other that makes you want to smile stupidly from ear to ear — at least that’s how I felt when I did it this month! I love having him there to cuddle, eat home-cooked meals with, watch movies (or in our case, *ehem* hours upon hours of Phineas & Pherb), and let’s be honest… splitting rent each month doesn’t exactly suck either.

But the second we got all of our stuff into our new place, I kind of took a step back and joked about how easy it would be for a stranger to walk in and say whose stuff belongs to who. I’m not complaining, actually I’m pretty lucky considering what some of my guy friends own… but something told me that my purple bathroom just wasn’t going to fit in anymore.

So when my guy went on a road trip with some of his friends, I decided that our bathroom would be the perfect weekend project. And considering one of his biker friends called it ‘cozy’ … I’d say it turned out pretty well!

How To Create A Co-Ed Bathroom (That Still Looks Cute!)

Step 1: Find a shower curtain that you like – it doesn’t really matter what the pattern is, as long as the colors stay pretty neutral. This is what I like to ”build” my color scheme around.

I chose THIS cloth shower curtain from World Market. It has peacocks on it, and it’s India-Inspired look is something that I’m constantly drawn to. This isn’t something that I would’ve instantly gotten his ‘approval’ on… but it’s the other accessories that are key.

I paired it with THIS comfy white rug, which feels amazing on bare feet.

Step 2: Frame things that don’t quite match your decor, yet don’t quite not match. If that makes sense. Aka – display things that HE would find more appealing.

I’m in love with THIS Keep Calm poster, and the motorcycle makes things look a little more manly. THIS poster is on it’s way for the second frame. We’re a motorcycle riding family… so the personal touch was appreciated, and the simple black frames keep things looking clean.

Step 3: Add a little humor!

I swiped accidentally walked out with this ‘Employees Must Wash Hands’ sign a few years ago and I never really knew what to do with it. I had a pretty frame lying around, so I used a picture of wildflowers as a background and put this beauty up on the wall next to our sink. I really like it, and I think it’s a sneaky way to add a little extra color and girliness to the room.

The key is to just keep things simple — less is more. Have you ever had to change your decorating style to better match a roommates?


One Response to “Living With A Boy.”

  1. Kim August 29, 2012 at 1:38 am #

    I got the shower curtain for my guest bath from world market – love it!

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